About the concept

“Romantic” of course means different things to different people. At Romantic Reminders, we promote and encourage relationship spontaneity, while striving to find the common ground that you as a couple already have. While catering to all types of relationships, our mission at Romantic Reminders is to enhance the love you’ve worked hard to find.

Upon signing up, we are able to offer you personalized recommendations by cross-referencing a survey (provided by us and completed by you). We will provide solutions to keeping your romance alive and fresh through automated email reminders relating to your partner.

If you have yet to become a member – sign up for free today! And remember, your email address is for our eyes, and our eyes only… we know that spam is a bad 4-letter word.


About the team

Our team consists of go-getters, web experts, relationship gurus, and people who get sh** done. We work collaboratively to offer our guests the best experience in creating their ideal partnership. It’s not always easy to keep the love alive – but we give it our best shot each and everyday!



1) It takes care of the “work” portion of quality relationship time.
Once a month, you’ll receive a brief, friendly email suggesting a creative idea for you and your partner. Your partner won’t know you’ve received the email, so you get all the credit! A seaside walk? Rock climbing? Candles, wine and their favourite flowers? We’ll give you all the deets, and all you have to do is follow through! These little reminders are sure to win you big points, and don’t worry, we won’t spam you with any other mail!

2) You’ll never forget a birthday, anniversary, or holiday again.
Not only can you sit comfortably knowing you don’t have to input reminders into your iPhone for the days your love deems special, but you can rely on our awesome gift ideas (tailored to your partner’s interests, of course) to win you extra brownie points!

3) Even if you never take advantage of all the cool perks, signing up shows your partner that you care.
Just the sheer act of suggesting the idea of signing up as a couple is a huge move for your relationship. It shows commitment and investment in your relationship, and sends the message, “This relationship is important to me”. Signing up doesn’t mean your relationship is flawed or needs work; quite the contrary, actually: like regular maintenance on a nice vehicle or going to the dentist to care for your pearly whites, joining Romantic Reminders is a way to prevent common relationship issues, and provide an opportunity for love to thrive!

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