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Dips often get a bad rap and for good reason — they are usually filled with sour cream, cheese and other dangerous (albeit delicious) stuff. Here are four tasty and varied vegan dips made gluten- and dairy-free that you can feel good about putting out for guests or serving your family… read the full article here!

03/09/2019 Tuesday, September 3, 2019; MindBodyGreen

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Dinner and a date? Puh-lease. You are so much more fun and interesting than that! Creative dates help you bond with your partner, problem-solve, and create the sort of memories you can chew on when you… read the full article here!

Top 10 Date Night Ideas
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RR Top 101 Top 10 Date Night Ideas
Not all date nights have to be super spendy, instead get creative! The key is spending time together and having fun, tailor the ideas to your interests and likes. One of my favorite dates is going to Ikea, looking around and sharing a plate of meatballs!  What are your favorites?

1. Go paddle boarding

Pack a picnic, rent a board and go!

2. See a comedy show or improv at local theatre

Go on-line or check your local paper for show time. Try something new.

3. Take a sunset stroll

This one does require timing, but no $$ needed!

4. Share a bottle of wine in bed

Share anything in bed really; this is about spending time together.

5. Grab coffee at a cafe you’ve never been to before

Discover a new favorite spot; create new memories.

6. Go to the aquarium

If there is no aquarium in your area try the zoo or a botanical garden.

7. Cook dinner together in your underwear, or naked

Send the kids to grandmas, lock the doors and close the curtains, be naughty!

8. Curl up by the fire and fondue

Sitting by a fire is romantic; when you add fondue it takes the romance to a whole new level! You can do savory or sweet or better yet, both!

9. Rent a hotel room for the night and order-in

No cooking, no cleaning. Those are magic words!

10. Take a cooking class together

Use this one in combination with #7. Learning a new skill is fun, doing it together is even better.


11. Visit an adult store and purchase something for each of you

You can pair this with #9, #8, and/or #4. Have Fun!


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