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“Romantic” of course means different things to different people. At Romantic Reminders, we promote and encourage relationship spontaneity, while striving to find the common ground that you as a couple already have. While catering to all types of relationships, our mission at Romantic Reminders is to enhance the connection between you and your loved one.

Upon signing up as a couple, we are able to offer each of you personalized date recommendations relating to what your partner enjoys.  We do this by cross-referencing a survey, which is provided by us and completed by both you and your significant other. We will provide ideas to keeping your romance alive and fresh through automated monthly emails, as well as reminders for significant dates, such as your anniversary, your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and so on.

If you have yet to become a member – sign up for free today! And remember, your email address is for our eyes, and our eyes only… we know that spam is a bad 4-letter word.

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